Ever looked for a needle in a haystack?

Installation of AG surfaces is increasingly common in North America due to their superior durability, low maintenance, and ability to withstand weather compared to natural grass. Unfortunately, most North American soccer retailers/suppliers haven’t caught on like they have in Europe and finding AG cleats can be really difficult. Some options we’ve found include:

  1. Create/order a custom pair from
    • Wait a minimum of FOUR to SIX WEEKS (!) for your custom order cleats to be made. Some have reported twice this amount of wait time if ordering close to a new product release.
    • Pay $20-$25 more than full Nike retail price for a custom order, plus tax. Adding the AG-Pro sole plate is an additional $10 extra cost option making an AG pair of Mercurials $305 + tax + shipping
    • Only the most basic colors are available in the custom program, not the latest and colorways/designs
    • A good option if cost and time aren’t a factor
  2. Order from Europe
    • Pay EU prices (there’s a good reason Europeans love shopping in America!)
    • Pay for shipping from EU, and wait for shipment, customs clearance, and delivery
    • Pay bank fees to convert EUR currency to USD (though some credit cards do this for free, yours may not)
    • If they don’t fit or you change your mind, pay $$$ to send back to Europe and wait for your refund
    • Some EU retailers we’ve had good experiences with include:
      • Unisport Based in Denmark, with quick order processing, and fairly reasonable shipping. Use their search filters for artificial grass so you can easily browse just their AG boot selection. Worth a look if you’re willing to pay full retail price.
      • Pro:Direct Soccer UK We’ve had some trouble recently getting them to ship to the USA because they seem to prefer you use their US affiliate- Pro:Direct US- which doesn’t even carry AG boots. Worth a look if you can afford it since their selection is top notch. The GBP to USD currency exchange rate, credit card fees, and shipping costs make this one of the most expensive options.
  3. eBay
    • We’ve had great success buying AG cleats on eBay, but finding what you’re looking for can be very difficult and time consuming.
  4. The discount shop
    • We’ve done the hard work for you and list the best elite AG cleats at great prices.
    • Our technology searches across the web every day for AG cleats and indexes them so that you can easily shop by model and size.
    • Usually discounted significantly from retail price.