This is really a matter of preference and whether you believe in using the best tool for the job or just getting by. TF cleats have a very different feeling from cleats with FG or AG soleplates. Here are a few reasons:

  • Most players feel that they are far too “clunky” for playing competitively on AG and they don’t have the same confidence inspiring feel as cleats. They are designed for the old “Astro Turf” carpet rather than modern AG fields.
  • There are so many little rubber grip elements they tend to snag, particularly at the edges, with even the slightest pressure, and feel unpredictable when leaning or turning at speed.
  • They are significantly heavier because of the thick rubber sole and number of cleats/nubs.
  • There are very few top level “elite” cleats available that incorporate the advanced materials and features with a TF sole. There just isn’t as high of a demand for turf shoes compared to cleats. Nike usually stops offering the turf sole at the “pro” level of the silo which offers a lower quality level (and price) than the top end boots with the newest tech.
  • In dry conditions they usually offer an acceptable level of grip on AG pitches. On wet AG surfaces they perform terribly.

One thing is for sure, TF shoes can be very comfortable because they feel more like indoor flat shoes or sneakers than they do cleats. If you are most interested in comfort and don’t mind that they don’t feel or perform like cleats, TF may be a good option for you. They’re a solid choice for casual play. Bonus: almost every soccer retailer caries TF options in stock so they’re very easy to find at around $100 or less. If price is your main draw to TF but you’d really prefer AG, check out our discount shop. You could find a great deal on some top-end, elite level AG boots for about the same price.

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